Prineville - Crook County

"The Authentic Capital of Central Oregon" (Prineville Economic Development Corp.)

Prineville Oregon was established in 1868 and is the oldest community in Central Oregon and one of the state’s first incorporated cities. Its foundation from inception was tied to the land in agriculture, forest products, the railroad, and manufacturing. To this day, Prineville still carries forward these attributes but has kept pace with changing times of technology, the trades, health care

As a community, we are united in our efforts to grow and diversify Crook County’s economic base, ensuring long-term economic vitality, and providing residents with family-wage jobs. When you visit Prineville and surrounding areas in Crook County, you’ll discover the heritage of a frontier town, the ideals of the area’s family focus, and the pride of a community dedicated to progress.

Prineville Real Estate Opportunities

Prineville, Oregon has become an attractive destination for real estate investment due to its affordable housing and growing economy. The city’s population has been steadily increasing, fueling demand for new homes and rental properties. In recent years, several major tech companies have opened data centers in the region, bringing an influx of well-paying jobs and prompting a boom in real estate development. These factors make Prineville a prime location for investors seeking to capitalize on the expanding housing market.

To further bolster its real estate prospects, Prineville boasts a plethora of recreational and outdoor activities that draw visitors and new residents alike. The city is ideally situated near the Ochoco National Forest, Crooked River, and other scenic locales, offering unmatched access to outdoor enthusiasts. 

Additionally, the city has made significant investments in infrastructure to support growth, including road improvements and utility enhancements. These developments provide an ideal environment for both residential and commercial real estate opportunities in Prineville, Oregon.